Acme Corporation TM is the world’s leading manufacturer of digital shapes. From squares and circles to triangles and hexagons, we have it all. Browse through our collection of various forms with different thickness and line styles.

We shape the world. You live in it.

We provide smiles to hundreds of happy customers.


At Acme Corporation, we take pride in what we create. Our manufacturing process goes through 3 different stages of fine workmanship to give you the best possible shapes.

  1. Drawing - Our shapes are drawn with precision to the 1/100 of a millimeter.
    • We use advanced vector drawing tools to create our catalog.
    • The quality checking happens hundreds of times for each shape we create.
      • We have high quality bots that inspect our output.
      • There is also a manual team inspecting each product.
      • All our bugs are turned into automated checks that bots perform in every future shape.
    • We round all corners and clean up properly.
  2. Rasterizing - Our raster engine is world class and keeps the vector right until it gets to our high quality laser printers.
  3. Delivery - Our output is hosted on the fastest of CDN with a 99.99% uptime and the bandwidth that can take care of all your load.


We make over 200 shapes, the most popular of these include:

Shape, Design, Description, Links Line , –, Two pointy ends and a straight stretch of ink, Line on wikipedia - Circle, – , A full round with no corners, Circle on wikipedia - Triangle, – , Three lines with three corners, Triangle on wikipedia -


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